HECO Companies File Plans for the Future

By 2030 the three utilities will have an average renewable penetration rate exceeding 2/3 of all generation (67 percent).

Ililani Media Will Caron
Judge rules Kauaʻi pesticide law is pre-empted by state law

Kauaʻi residents and community leaders respond to a federal court ruling in the lawsuit brought by chemical companies against Kauaʻi's Ordinance 960: “This battle is far from over.”

Will Caron
Military force reductions would benefit Oʻahu residents

We all know the state's economy is linked to military spending, but there are important benefits that would come out of a large military force reduction on Oʻahu as well.

Jack De Feo
Whales beware

Naval exercises like RIMPAC cause clear harm and distress to marine life including dolphins, fish and especially whales.

Manjari Fergusson
Big Island Election Challenged in Hawai‘i Supreme Court

The ACLU and a group of Pahoa residents have filed lawsuit over alleged voting rights violations that came as a result of bad legislative practices in the wake of Hurricane Iselle.

Will Caron
Continuing contradictions at the Cancer Center

Senior faculty researchers and Director Carbone continue to share highly different, opposing explanations of what is going on at the UH Cancer Center.

Will Caron
55 Years of Hawaiʻi Statehood

Tracing the story of Hawaiʻi's conversion from territory to state.

The Umiverse Umi Perkins
The psychology of a gunman

Christopher Deedy had several "bullets" locked and loaded in his mind and trained on an imaginary, Hawaiian threat before he ever even set foot in Hawaii.

Nonohe Botelho
We stand with you

"A lot of us were there to show our aloha to the family and let them know that even though the verdict and media portrayal of their beloved son might not seem like it, the community is here for them and supports them."

Bryan Kuwada
Racism and colonial oppression are alive and well

"The trial seemed to put Kollin on trial, as if to judge whether his life was worthy of protection under the law."

Kyle Kajihiro