Hawaiʻi Senate picks committee assignments

The Hawai‘i State Senate has chosen its leadership and committee assignments for the Twenty‐Eighth Legislature (2015‐2016).

Opposing views on Maui’s GMO moratorium

Leaders from the two sides of the GMO debate share their thoughts after Maui County voters passed a moratorium on further GMO production yesterday.

Will Caron
Bio-tech on the ballot

Today, voters in both Maui County and Kauaʻi County face decisions that will impact the bio-tech industry and the chemical companies that dominate it.

Will Caron
Chemical companies spend record amount of money to defeat Maui ballot initiative

Monsanto, Dow, the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association and a D.C.-based bio-tech non-profit organization have raised almost 100 times more money to defeat Maui County's GMO moratorium initiative than its proponents have spent to see it passed.

Environmental Leader Will Caron
Fear + manipulation = ease of privatization

How the campaign to convince Hawaiʻi voters to authorize the routing of public funds to private preschools threatens equity in our schools, and what we need to do to get back on track toward a successful public school system.

Saving UH from itself

A long-time University of Hawaiʻi professor outlines the three primary overhauls needed to save the University system and turn the failing Mānoa campus around.

Dr. Joel Fischer
Preschool amendment fails our children

While early learning programs are vital to our childrens' futures, the current proposal (Ballot Questions 4) to allow public dollars to fund private preschool operations is not the way we ought to go about creating those programs.

Kris Coffield
Independence for French Polynesia?

U.N. General Assembly discusses plans for genuine process of self-determination for French Polynesia / Ma'ohi Nui

Kaka’ako community group urges HCDA overhaul

Kakaʽako Ūnited has sent a letter to the gubernatorial candidates asking that the next Governor of Hawaiʻi change the way HCDA does business.

Will Caron
Private islands, super-yachts and Marine Protected Areas

How Marine Protected Areas have given rise to a surge of profit-seeking Eco-tourism investments.

Craig Santos Perez