Blue-washing the colonization and militarization of “our ocean”

How U.S. Marine National Monuments protect environmentally harmful U.S. military bases throughout the Pacific and the world.

Craig Santos Perez
PMRF: Kaua‘i’s biggest bang is out of sight

A look at the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kaua‘i and what the increasing military presence in the Pacific means for Hawai‘i and the world.

Jon Letman
Kia‘aina confirmed to Dept. of Interior

DLNR's Esther Kia‘aina was confirmed by the United States Senate as Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas at the U.S. Department of the Interior today.

Will Caron
On the chopping block

Governor Abercrombie's current list of bills he is considering vetoing.

Will Caron
At the threshold

Umi Perkins discusses the DOI and the five threshold questions about Hawaiian governance.

Eric K Cordeiro
Overthrow redux?

An American Indian scholar asks if the lure of federal benefits is worth Hawaiians' cession to the U.S. of Hawaiian political and territorial claims.

Judy Kertész
Federal panel hears resounding “no” at Honolulu hearing

Louis “Buzzy” Agard, pictured here, led a 1970s effort to stop a global settlement of Hawaiian land and sovereignty claims. He addressed a federal panel Monday at the Capitol Auditorium on the question of whether the US Department of Interior should initiate a process for recognition of native Hawaiians as an indigenous American group. Five speakers spoke in favor of the proposal.

Ikaika M Hussey
We need to ask hard questions about RIMPAC

What's the environmental cost of 48 ships, six submarines, and hundreds of aircraft?

The press for Native Hawaiian federal recognition is presumptuous

We need to establish a process driven by the people—not State of Hawaii (or Federal) officials.

Randall Akee
What to do this WKND

A curated guide to the weekend, from our friends at InHonolulu.