UH System Woes


This collection features our investigations into corruption, mismanagement, interference and fiscal troubles throughout the University of Hawaii system.

University of hawaii air view  large Student Deaths at the University of Hawai’i: Part III
  • Essay

It's been over two weeks since a freshman at UHM died on campus after falling from one of the dorms, and administration has communicated nothing to the larger community about the event or resources students and faculty can access if they are troubled by it. Students and faculty should not find out via gossip and surmise. Read More »

2011-ht-carbone Former Cancer Center director failed to disclose major financial conflicts of interest
  • News Report

Dr. Michele Carbone violated federal regulations when he failed to disclose both his additional annual income from expert testimony in asbestos litigation and the $4.3 million gift he received from a company involved in ongoing asbestos litigation that he is using in his mesothelioma research. Read More »

Tapestries orange rouge  large Creating a compassion contagion at UH Manoa
  • Discussion

Institutional compassion is different from individual compassion, and it's lacking at the university's flagship campus when it comes to student death protocol. Read More »

Sit in-5  large UH exec raises reward incompetence
  • Opinion
University of hawaii air view Why UH Manoa needs a student death protocol
  • Essay

A small group of students and faculty at the University of Hawaii at Manoa has been trying to get the administration to create a humane protocol for handling tragedy on campus, and to better advertise mental health services, for nearly a year. Read More »

Web banner img 8380  large UHM faculty condemn academic freedom violations
  • Verbatim

The university's College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources has restricted and violated one of it's own professor's academic freedom, and a group of his professional colleagues are speaking out against his mistreatment. Read More »

All david ige ching confirmation web Grad student unionization bill in danger of veto
  • Verbatim

Governor Ige has put HB 533, which would allow grad students to unionize, on his veto list. Read More »

Sit in-2-2  large GSO highlights bills to fix UH Manoa
  • Discussion

The Graduate Student Organization at the University of Hawaii at Manoa has released its list of priority bills for this legislative session for students to testify on. Read More »

Apple cored  large  banner Learning from the Cancer Center fiasco
  • Essay

A report confirming that Unit Director Michele Carbone ran the UH Cancer Center into the ground can teach us an important lesson about the systemic problems currently killing the University of Hawaii. Read More »

UH settles First Amendment lawsuit
  • News Report

Students no longer have to restrict protests to "free speech zones," seek administration approval for demonstrations. Read More »

Michele-carbone I Mua Mānoa responds to praise for Carbone
  • Press Release

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa campus reform group I Mua Mānoa has issued a press release contesting many of the claims of former Cancer Center director Michele Carbone's success in his position there. Read More »

Unnamed Mānoa budget protest continues overnight

The student led protest over cuts in TAships for next semester and the following year will continue until all demands are met. Read More »

Smallorganization meeting photo by joshua levy UH budget crisis hits Mānoa graduate students especially hard
  • News Report

Many may lose their TAships, forcing them to halt or quit their own academic journeys, or risk going into debt from student loans. Read More »

Kuykendall Saving UH from itself

A long-time University of Hawaiʻi professor outlines the three primary overhauls needed to save the University system and turn the failing Mānoa campus around. Read More »

Sit in-5  large Mānoa faculty demand System reform

A group of UH Mānoa faculty members have sent testimony to the Board of Regents urging the board to fix serious flaws at the System level. Read More »

Img3447 684 Bley-Vroman says Advertiser is wrong on campus budget shortfall

The new Mānoa Chancellor disputes the Star-Advertiser's claim today that campus officials are projecting a $31 million budget deficit for next year. Read More »

Sit in-2-2  large Mānoa graduate students vote no confidence in President Lassner, BOR

The Graduate Student Organization of UH Mānoa approved no confidence votes in both the system president and the Board of Regents last week. Read More »

Sit in-2-2  large Crisis at UH Mānoa

The consequences to the university's flagship campus, should the Board of Regents refuse a faculty demand for overhaul of board policies that promote interference and micromanagement, could be disastrous. Read More »

Sit in-5  large Lassner deserves a chance

Letter to the Editor: one UH Mānoa faculty/staff member shares his disappointment over the Mānoa Faculty Senate's vote to censure System President David Lassner. Read More »

Sit in-5  large Mānoa faculty censure Lassner

After nearly voting to send the UH system president a resolution of no confidence, Mānoa faculty opted to censure him instead. Read More »

Apple cored  large Continuing contradictions at the Cancer Center

Senior faculty researchers and Director Carbone continue to share highly different, opposing explanations of what is going on at the UH Cancer Center. Read More »

Sit in-1 Growing UH voices demand Apple’s reinstatement

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee has added its voice to the swelling call for Tom Apple's re-appointment as Chancellor of Mānoa. Read More »

Apple cored Students call for investigation into Apple’s termination

ASUH and GSO have sent a letter to Governor Abercrombie requesting a formal investigation into the firing of Tom Apple. Read More »

Apple cored Unanswered: Who is protecting Dr. Michele Carbone?

The Independent sent follow up questions to Sen. Roz Baker and President Lassner in an attempt to shed light on the mysterious support Dr. Michele Carbone continues to receive. Read More »

Sit in-5 UH chooses bad apple over good

The University System administration and President Lassner's decision to continue defending the unit director largely responsible for Chancellor Apple's removal jeopardizes both the future of the Cancer Center and the standing of the University as a whole. Read More »

Sit in-2-2 Students, faculty, community stage sit-in at Bachman Hall

Hoping to force UH System President David Lassner to reverse his decision to fire Manoa Chancellor Tom Apple, students, faculty and community members staged a sit-in outside the president’s office yesterday. Read More »

Tom apple-01 Apple refutes biased performance evaluations

Tom Apple sent a letter to President Lassner last night in which he refutes the vague and general criticisms in his performance evaluation with factual examples of his exemplary performance. Read More »

Tom apple-01 Apple cored: business as usual at UH

Chancellor Apple's removal after only two years on the job is a reflection of political in-fighting and dysfunction within the university, not on the performance of his duties. Read More »


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