Custom Mens & Womens Leather Jackets


One of the champions on the shopping list of Brazilians coming to Buenos Aires is leather products , especially custom women’s leather jackets. But why is it so interesting to buy leather in Buenos Aires? Is it really worth it? How to know the best place ? Do not worry, let’s get these and other questions right now!

A leather jacket is not an investment of the cheapest, especially if you search for quality. But if you think in terms of value for money it will be easier to see that the purchase is worth it. This is the kind of article that never goes out of fashion , has long durability and always leaves the look tidier or even chic, depending on how you complement it.

The Argentine leather is internationally recognized quality and there are places where you can get items from previous seasons at the most affordable prices and good discounts paying in full. So we guarantee: it is still worth buying leather in Buenos Aires.

For many years the devaluation of the peso against the real made the party of the Brazilians, who returned full of purchases to Brazil. Today, with Argentine inflation and the crisis of the Brazilian economy , prices here are not so attractive anymore. But even if it is only for quality, it is still worth buying leather in Buenos Aires , especially if you live in cities that do not usually market this type of product.

And since there are so many options of places to buy leather in Buenos Aires, we decided to lend a helping hand to make things easier for our dear readers.

One of the most practical and easy ways to buy leather in Buenos Aires is to go directly to the factories . For this, you need to be accompanied by a guide , as only they are allowed to enter with groups of tourists. Generally the factory stores are in large sheds behind closed doors, but once inside they are a store like any other and offer everything imaginable on leather objects.



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Custom Mens & Womens Leather Jackets