Articles pertaining to the development of land and other resources, in Hawaii and elsewhere, for public and private use. Because Hawaii is an archipelago, the balance between conservation of resources and development of these resources for use is a perpetual back and forth, and finding ways to develop intelligently and sustainably is of paramount importance in the islands.

Tapestries orange rouge  large  large Unveiling the Kalihi 21st Century Transformation Initiative
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Plan includes a possible redevelopment of the land parcel on which the current OCCC facility is built. Read More »

Proposed revisions to Central O‘ahu Plan available for review
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Kauai launches IAL study →
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Conservation groups ask courts to hear case on outdated Turtle Bay EIS →
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The root concern for the plaintiffs is that Turtle Bay's 1985 EIS could remain valid for hundreds of years, even if there are major hurricanes, drastic shoreline erosion, or other significant changes to the community and the land, a legal precedent that could impact numerous other developments that have received some approval but have remained inactive for years.
Supreme court asked to review Turtle Bay expansion
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Kuilima Resort Company plans to increase the Turtle Bay Resort's current number of rooms from less than 500 to 4000 hotel and condominium units.
Company plans to bring industrial park to tropic lands →
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Hawai’i mayors seek federal funding for infrastructure projects, new jobs
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Governor releases $9 million for ongoing state projects
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