Dom-quixote Rep. Quixote and the vanishing turd
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Gene Ward's nonsensical urine bill still won't do anything to remedy our state's houselessness epidemic, no matter how much he believes in it. Read More »

Honolulu-homeless  large Rep. Ward’s new urine bill is crap
  • Opinion

When will our lawmakers realize that bills criminalizing the houseless won't fix the problem? Read More »

Hammer head promo 1  large State House names Tom “Sledgehammer” Brower as Housing chair
  • Discussion

Rep. Brower attracted national attention for his sledgehammer-wielding vigilantism (and for getting punched in the face while filming homeless encampments without permission) Read More »

Tapestries orange rouge  large  large New Publication: Rights of Hawaiiʻs Homeless
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Tapestries orange rouge  large A modest disposal
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Tapestries orange rouge  large ACLU files injunction against city’s houseless sweeps
  • Press Release

New evidence, new legal action asking court to halt city’s immediate destruction of property Read More »

Logo31  large City attorney responds to ACLU lawsuit
Hawaiian-homeless-man Honolulu county sued over houseless sweeps
  • News Report

More than a dozen houseless and formerly houseless individuals filed a class action lawsuit over the city’s immediate destruction of property today. Read More »

Homeless  large First amendment victory forces Big Island legal changes
  • News Report

The ACLU-assisted settlement in a houseless Hawaii County man's free speech case has lead to revisions of several ordinances now found to be unconstitutional. Read More »

20150903 170218-2 Stop saying “they don’t like the rules”
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When media reports on the houseless and why many choose not to enter shelters, specifics matter a great deal. Here's why: Read More »

Hawaiian-homeless-man City aims to clear houseless from Kakaako makai
  • Discussion

Sit-lie enforcement will resume next week as the city makes a concerted effort to displace houseless families from their current encampment in the under-development neighborhood. Read More »

Logo31  large Neighbor island data confirms houselessness on the rise
  • News Report

The state released the neighbor island data from its 2015 Point in Time count today and, in all counties but Kauai, the number of houseless citizens has increased. Read More »

Logo31 Study shows sit-lie laws have worsened Honolulu’s houseless problem
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A new study shows the city's policy of “compassionate disruption” and its accompanying sit-lie laws cause significant property and economic loss, physical and psychological harm and very likely violate certain constitutional rights. Not only that, they make it much harder for houseless people to get off the streets and into permanent housing. Read More »

Unnamed Mayor Caldwell announces temporary housing plan for houseless
  • Press Release

Mayor Caldwell announced a plan to build Hale Mauliola, temporary modular housing, and to provide services for houseless on Sand Island site. Read More »

Kirk-caldwell-official-small-2013 Caldwell vetoes Bill 6: sit-lie expansion
  • News Report

The mayor also offered the City Council a replacement bill which his office feels is legally more sound than the council's Bill 6. Read More »

Waikiki Neighborhood Board opposes Homeless Bill of Rights
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Hawaiian-homeless-man State bills would help rectify injustices caused by Honolulu’s “nuisance” laws
  • News Report

A brief rundown on three bills that would alleviate some of the unnecessary hardship inflicted upon our houseless citizens by city ordinances that target them unjustly. Read More »

Logo211 Honolulu government clueless on houselessness

Homeless Awareness Week begins tomorrow, but recent Honolulu City actions demonstrate a serious lack of any such awareness. Read More »

Photo 3 ACLU declares First Amendment victory

Judge Susan Mollway granted a temporary restraining order against Hawaiʻi County last week in Kona “Panhandling” case. Read More »

Honolulu-homeless New houseless bills won’t help

The city's “compassionate disruption” strategy does more to hide the houseless problem from tourists than it does actually solve the underlying problems that lead to houselessness. Read More »

Homeless ACLU files suit over Big Island First Amendment violations

The ACLU of Hawaii is suing to have a pair of Hawai‘i County ordinances it says violates First Amendment rights taken off the books. Read More »

Smalldsc 0033 A snapshot of Honolulu’s houseless population

This year's PIT is most accurate yet, thanks to new database and better organization Read More »

Hammer head promo 1 How Rep. Brower voted on housing, the houseless

With Rep. Brower agreeing to put down his sledge hammer and hang up his cape, we decided to take a look at his 2013 voting record on bills relating to housing and the houseless. Read More »

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 11.02.59 pm Ground Control to Major Tom – Is it Hammer Time?

Tom Brower has a vigilante – some would say violent – solution to houselessness. Read More »

Splintered paddle Whither the Law of the Splintered Paddle?

Between Stanley Chang and Tom Brower, we need a better approach to houselessness. Read More »

6819995607 868f10ea53 b Is the ‘sidewalk nuisance’ bill a nuisance? →

Houseless advocates have filed the first legal challenge to the city's sidewalk nuisance law which went into effect in July. More at Hawaii News Now »

Homeless  small crop Could Honolulu kickstart a response to urban homelessness? →

Honolulu Councilman Ron Menor is proposing a new website where the houseless can post personalized donation requests for food, shelter or clothing. More at Civil Beat »

Camp clearing rousts hundreds of homeless →
Hawaii to receive $500K to help homeless U.S. veterans →

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says that according to a January 2011 count, there were more than 67,000 homeless vets nationwide.
More at Associated Press & Hawaii News Now »

Maui houseless evicted →

Between 100 to 500 houseless persons in Lahaina were evicted yesterday.

This will not be the last homeless encampment eviction, those who work with Maui's homeless said. There are 1,200 to 1,400 people homeless people on Maui, and "we simply do not have enough affordable housing to help everyone who is displaced," said Maude Cumming, executive director of the Family Life Center that provides housing for women and children in Kahului.
More at Maui News »

Letters from Kea‘au: A 17-year old student
  • Verbatim

What I'm mostly concerned about is, what's going to happen to my loving family, a family for college next? What's going to come of them and many other homeless people? I don't want to be attending my college and have to be worried about everyone while I am attending. So could you help us to overcome a very, very, important situation please? I know with God's help, all of us who've been homeless for years, are going to overcome this obstacle!
Read More »

Letters from Kea‘au: Gail Peeples
  • Verbatim

My name is Gail D. Peeples. I'm one of many who lives at Kea‘au Beach Park along with my husband, daughter, son, son-in-law, and five minor grandchildren. We've all lived at Kea‘au Beach for approximately 15 years. We've also learned to adjust to living here over all the years.
Read More »

Kea‘au update: “The Governor will not be intervening”
  • First-Hand Report
All sides agree Bill 54 does little for Honolulu’s ‘homeless’ problem
Opponents of Council Bill 54 commiserate after its passage Tuesday. Photo by Jamie Winpenny
UH, DHS release homeless services report
A homeless encampment has taken root at Old Stadium Park in Moiliili.
Photo by Jamie Winpenny
Tent city: Hawaii ‘homeless’ efforts must be long term, for the right reasons
The Hawaii Convention Center's foyer is crowned with canvas canopies, intended to be "reminiscent of ocean white caps and the sails of voyaging canoes." The canvas canopies may also resemble the makeshift homes and shelters of the thousands of houseless people living on Hawaii's streets each day. Photo by Vernon Brown
State plan to fight ‘homelessness’ starts with identifying population, assessing shelters
Ken, a houseless evictee, was one of the residents at "Guardrails" who had to leave behind much of his belongings when July 19 came last year. "People get the wrong idea about people living on the beach," Ken said. "I worked all my life. I made $180,000. I had two homes, everything else. Sometimes things just go bad. And when they do, you fall."
Hawaii Community Assets establishes credit program for houseless families
  • First-Hand Report
Waianae’s Ka Paʻalana houseless program to face crippling budget cuts
  • First-Hand Report
Above: Families across the Leeward Coast rely on social and educational programs funded by the State. Below: On July 8, Pōka‘i Bay became the classroom for Ka Pa‘alana Traveling Preschool. The teachers were two City and County lifeguards and members of The Polynesian Voyaging Society. It was a perfectly beautiful day for the families to be learning from these distinguished guests. Courtesy Photos
Honolulu City Lights: ‘Blue Tarp Nativity’ shines a light on Hawaii’s houseless
The AFSC's Honolulu City Lights Christmas display is located on the Honolulu Hale lawn and can be seen through January 2, 2011.
Carlisle makes life difficult for Honolulu’s houseless by signing ‘Pedestrian Use Zones’ bill
Houseless people sit beside their belongings along Fort Street Mall in the middle of Downtown Honolulu. Many of Hawaii's houseless sleep in the busiest parts of the island for the safety of being in public view.
Relating to the regulation of the poor and unwashed
  • Opinion
Life Muses blogger Rozanne Paxman writes about her trip to Honolulu: "Hawaii has a large homeless population. One of our guides said that there are certain states and cities on the mainland that ship their homeless to Hawaii. They buy them tickets and give them some cash to get there. But once they get to Hawaii, they are stuck and can't leave. (You can't hitch-hike out.) I don't know if that is true, but it is true that we saw more homeless people in Hawaii than we have seen in any other place we have visited."
Hawaii’s hidden haven of homelessness and how one woman is trying to help
Honolulu ranked as one of the most expensive housing markets in the country
  • First-Hand Report
‘Guardrails’: Beach eviction leaves behind evidence of our struggling society
Ken, a houseless evictee, was one of the residents at "Guardrails" who had to leave behind much of his belongings when July 19 came. "People get the wrong idea about people living on the beach," Ken said. "I worked all my life. I made $180,000. I had two homes, everything else. Sometimes things just go bad. And when they do, you fall."
Families, children evicted from their home, ‘Guardrails’ beach
Kaimuki’s Aloha Harvest offers innovative ways to feed Oahu’s hungry
  • First-Hand Report
Based out of Kaimuki, Aloha Harvest is able to reach a wide range of Hawaii's hungry by way of refrigerated trucks.
Hawaii lawmakers seek immediate solutions to ‘chronic homelessness’
  • First-Hand Report
There are approximately 5,800 people counted as being houseless in Hawaii. Many houseless families live in small tent communities on beaches and in public parks.
City to consider bills against illegal camping and storage on all public property
  • First-Hand Report
Moiliili residents pack town hall meeting to address ‘homeless problem’
Moiliili residents spent hours talking about ways to address houselessness in the area.
Project Hawaii sparks Independence Day festivities for Waianae’s houseless keiki

They're also looking for help Read More »

The keiki of the Piilani family, above, were once one of the many children living houseless on the Waianae Coast. Programs like Ohana Ola provide transitional housing and educational programs for houseless families on the Leeward side of Oahu. There are an estimated 20,000 children in Hawaii who also live "doubled up" with friends or family because their families cannot afford a place of their own.
Big Island, big development, small wages →
A view overlooking Hilo from above Hilo Bay. The 2000 Census revealed that there were 40,759 people, 14,577 households, and 10,101 families in Hilo.
Affordable Housing and Homeless Alliance commits to helping Haleiwa’s houseless →
The front page image from Affordable Housing and Homeless Alliance's website reminds Hawaii residents that children make up much of the houseless population in the islands.
The North Shore: Where the people live in beach front mansions, and beach front cars →
Looking out to Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor.
High rent, low wages mean more people houseless →
Paul Ruddell, site coordinator for Affordable Housing and Homeless Alliance, at a Neighborhood Board Meeting in Kailua makes a plea for community assistance in overcoming houselessness through volunteering time, money, and skills.


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