Human Trafficking

All david ige ching confirmation web What killed Hawaii’s sex trafficking bill?
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A step in the right direction toward combating sex trafficking in Hawaii has been torpedoed by some of the very people trying to end the exploitive practice; the evidence points to internal political squabbling as the reason. Read More »

Shutterstock 92049074  large Sex trafficking ban must become law
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If the governor vetoes Hawaii's proposed anti-sex trafficking law, the 50th state will remain the only state in the union without such a ban, and the islands will remain open for "business" to pimps and johns. Read More »

Prostitution 050614  large Prosecutor pushes governor to veto anti-sex trafficking bill
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Hawaii's progressive sex-trafficking bill is in danger of being vetoed by the governor, at the Honolulu prosecutor's urging. Read More »

Hawaii-oahu-3801 It’s time to ban sex trafficking in Hawaii
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Hawaii is only one of two states that still does not possess a comprehensive sex trafficking ban. Here are three bills that would change that. Read More »

Hawaii-oahu-3801 Bill proposes anti-sex trafficking law for Hawaii
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Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery and IMUAlliance are drafting and sponsoring a bill to ban sex trafficking in Hawaii this session. Read More »

Img 4332 Selling sex online
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Developments in technology have made it easier than ever to sell sex and harder than ever to prosecute human trafficking crimes as sex rings move off the streets and onto websites. Read More »

Prostitution 050614 Disproportionate victims: the māhū prostitute
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Discrimination forces many transgender women into prostitution to survive. But once in the sex trade, they are disproportionately effected by both violence and criminalization. Read More »

Hawaii-oahu-3801 Hawaii: sex trafficking hub of the Pacific
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Prostitution is a major industry in Hawaii, but with no sex trafficking laws on the books, the victims involved in the industry have no protection and no easy way out. Read More »

Shutterstock 92049074 Selling sex in paradise
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Prostitution is a diverse, thriving industry in Honolulu, but misinformation about the highly varied nature of sex trafficking makes it harder to change laws that could provide protection to victims. Read More »


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