I have 24 hours to write my dissertation


Help! I am sinking. I just have 24 hours to write my dissertation and I have no idea what the heck in the world I dissertation. I know I may be sounding stupid but I need some serious sort of online dissertation writing help which can pull me out of this swamp.

I am in a first year of my degree program and my friend just told me about the importance of the dissertation for a year in degree. Now I am close to my nervous breakdown and need anyone who can make me calm by telling me anything which can help in these circumstances.

I know there are a lot of academic writing companies who can help me, but I have enough questions regarding their services which is not letting me take that risk. First of all I don’t know how much safe and confidential their services are. I also don’t sure either they will write my dissertation in such short notice or they can even set a template for me so I could do any work on this because as the old people says, something is better than nothing.

Kindly help me out now and tell me what to do in this situation where you are sitting on the cliff of the mountain in the strong breeze.


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