Remember pearl harbor. work - fight - sacrifice - nara - 535235 “Remember Pearl Harbor!” and forget all else
  • Essay

How a cult of American militarism continues to mobilize our society toward warmongering and imperialism. Read More »

Us navy 030225-n-0000x-002 an aerial view of apra harbor on u.s. naval base guam is seen during a fly-by, feb. 25, 2003 The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Pivot and Pathway
  • Discussion

The TPP and its corresponding and supporting military "pivot" have been impacting the lives of Pacific peoples for years through military-industrial buildups, the removal of indigenous self-determination, environmental degradation and wealth extraction. Read More »

Proposed guam military buildup Military build-up on Guam to go forward
Pohakuloa training area hawaii jan. 20  large BLNR to discuss Pohakuloa lawsuit on Friday
  • News Report

The Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, which represents the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, will offer testimony at Friday's board meeting. So can you. Read More »

Us navy 080718-n-5549o-064 secretary of the navy (secnav) the honorable dr. donald c. winter tours the red hill underground fuel storage facility to get a first-hand look at the condition of the tanks State legislators appeal for greater response to Red Hill fuel facility
  • Press Release

Joint letter says “real danger” of contamination to drinking water should not be ignored Read More »

Henoko Petition to stop military base at Henoko passes 4,000
  • Petition
Croppedn-okinawa-a-20141222 Okinawa governor visits Hawaii, asks for solidarity
  • News Report

Among important issues to Okinawans both in Hawaii and Okinawa is the proposed new military base in Henoko and the U.S. military presence in general. Read More »

Henoko Solidarity between Hawaii, Okinawa on U.S. militarism
  • News Report

Last week, protestors of another planned U.S. military base in Okinawa rallied outside the Japanese embassy in a show of solidarity with Hawaiians and other occupied indigenous peoples around the world. Read More »

Rimpac  large Court rules navy training in Pacific violates laws meant to protect whales, sea turtles
  • News Report

Federal judge says feds wrongly approved plan allowing whales, dolphins, other wildlife to be harmed Read More »

Rimpac The irony of the U.S. military’s climate change spending
  • Discussion

The debate over the recently released House Republican budget proposal has revealed that the United States military—one of he top polluters in the Pacific—is, in fact, very aware of the reality of climate change. Read More »

Rimpac Army downsize proponents make themselves heard
  • News Report

Despite being outnumbered at the Army listening sessions, proponents of a dramatic Army personnel reduction were able to make a successful case for the full downsize. Read More »

Rimpac A case for army downsizing in Hawaii
  • Discussion

Why the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii and our Congressional delegates have it wrong. Read More »

Barack obama at white house gun violence meeting Obama does not represent Hawaii
  • Essay

When it comes to the Obama Presidential Library, we're better off without it. Read More »

Pohakuloa training area hawaii jan. 20 Ching v. Ailā: protecting public trust lands at Pōhakuloa
  • Analysis

The lawsuit seeks to force the State of Hawaiʻi to fulfill its obligations to protect public trust lands currently used by the United States military at Pōhakuloa by preventing the BLNR from renewing its lease there. Read More »

Bloody us flag sized On balance, American empire in world is a negative
  • Essay

A rebuttal to Thomas D. Farrell's November 23, 2014 "Island Voices" column in Honolulu Star Advertiser entitled "On balance, Army in Hawaii is a positive" Read More »

Pohakuloa training area hawaii jan. 20 Constitutional duty to Malama `Aina extends to military leased lands
  • Opinion

There is precedent for a ruling in court case Ching v. Aila to force the DLNR to investigate and take all necessary steps to ensure military compliance with the lease terms of the Pohakuloa Training Area on Hawaii island. Read More »

060306 campusrecruit hmed 9a.grid-6x2 No local peace at the Hawai‘i College & Career Fair

The Hawai‘i College & Career Fair has excluded groups that counter military recruiting from this year's fair. Read More »

Screen-shot-2014-09-18-at-10.58.37-am-300x267 Oahu defense contractor sentenced on espionage charges

A retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and civilian contractor will spend more than seven years in federal prison after he was convicted on espionage charges. Read More »

Rimpac The true cost of Hawaiʻi’s militarization
  • Analysis

An examination of the costs and benefits of housing the U.S. military dispels the myth that Hawaiʻi would not survive without it. Read More »

Predeployment22jan04 mout-enter Military force reductions would benefit Oʻahu residents
  • Discussion

We all know the state's economy is linked to military spending, but there are important benefits that would come out of a large military force reduction on Oʻahu as well. Read More »

Rimpac2014 Whales beware

Naval exercises like RIMPAC cause clear harm and distress to marine life including dolphins, fish and especially whales. Read More »

Army.mil-29563-2009-02-06-130253 Is Hawaiʻi’s military presence pricing local residents out of the housing market?

Housing demand is exceeding the supply more than ever, and high housing allowances may give military an edge. Read More »

Sinkex-2 U.S. government vows to defend environment—except when military is around

Why no one should be surprised over environmental exemptions granted to the navy during RIMPAC and beyond. Read More »

Us soldiers wearing the pasgt helmet, hawaii Army report imagines drastic isle cuts

The Star-Advertiser reports on “potential reductions” in military spending and presence being studied as a way to lend “flexibility” to decision makers. Read More »

B-1 bombers on diego garcia Blue-washing the colonization and militarization of Our Ocean

How U.S. Marine National Monuments protect environmentally harmful U.S. military bases throughout the Pacific and the world. Read More »

Sm-3 PMRF: Kaua‘i’s biggest bang is out of sight

A look at the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kaua‘i and what the increasing military presence in the Pacific means for Hawai‘i and the world. Read More »

Us navy 110821-n-az907-015 the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan (cvn 76) enters apra harbor for a scheduled port visit Looking at the ‘tip of the spear’

How U.S. Military policy in Guam, a proposed “mega build-up” and population displacement are destroying the island and its people. Read More »


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