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Stories pertaining to our national-level elected officials, national legislation, the functionality of the three branches of government in conjunction with one another and the inner workings of our political parties.

Trump’s planned budget cuts to tsunami warning puts thousands at risk
  • News Report

The Trump budget proposes to eliminate seismic and water monitoring, needlessly putting coastal residents in jeopardy Read More ┬╗

How the Trump budget would affect Hawaii’s families
  • Explainer
Img 3080-2 Mobilizing against the Trump agenda
  • Verbatim

Nandita Sharma, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM), on the importance of opposing the Trump administration's agenda and appointments. Read More ┬╗

How is the economic crisis affecting you?
  • Question
Hawai’i contemplates getting through the bailout blues
  • News Report
Congress bailout talks continue
  • News Report


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