Pacific Pivot

Tapestries orange rouge  large  large An open letter to President Obama and the members of the IUCN Congress
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Tapestries orange rouge  large  large Anti-TPP protest planned for president’s IUCN appearance reflects party differences
  • Analysis

The protest, planned by Sanders delegates--many of whom are Democratic Party newcomers--will take place tomorrow outside the East-West Center Read More »

Us navy 030225-n-0000x-002 an aerial view of apra harbor on u.s. naval base guam is seen during a fly-by, feb. 25, 2003 The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Pivot and Pathway
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The TPP and its corresponding and supporting military "pivot" have been impacting the lives of Pacific peoples for years through military-industrial buildups, the removal of indigenous self-determination, environmental degradation and wealth extraction. Read More »

Proposed guam military buildup Military build-up on Guam to go forward
Stop tppa rally. (15550752528) TPP talks come to Hawaii
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TPP negotiators will be on Maui at the end of the month, hoping to bring the deal to a conclusion: What history will be made? Read More »

Henoko Petition to stop military base at Henoko passes 4,000
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Croppedn-okinawa-a-20141222 Okinawa governor visits Hawaii, asks for solidarity
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Among important issues to Okinawans both in Hawaii and Okinawa is the proposed new military base in Henoko and the U.S. military presence in general. Read More »

Henoko Solidarity between Hawaii, Okinawa on U.S. militarism
  • News Report

Last week, protestors of another planned U.S. military base in Okinawa rallied outside the Japanese embassy in a show of solidarity with Hawaiians and other occupied indigenous peoples around the world. Read More »

Rimpac A case for army downsizing in Hawaii
  • Discussion

Why the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii and our Congressional delegates have it wrong. Read More »

Barack obama at white house gun violence meeting Obama does not represent Hawaii
  • Essay

When it comes to the Obama Presidential Library, we're better off without it. Read More »

Rimpac The true cost of Hawaiʻi’s militarization
  • Analysis

An examination of the costs and benefits of housing the U.S. military dispels the myth that Hawaiʻi would not survive without it. Read More »

Rimpac2014 Whales beware

Naval exercises like RIMPAC cause clear harm and distress to marine life including dolphins, fish and especially whales. Read More »

John-kerry-makes-statemen-014 Kerry Reaffirms ‘Ambitious Agenda’ of U.S. Engagement in Asia and the Pacific

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made a speech at the East-West Center on Wednesday confirming that, in the 21st century, United States foreign policy would be increasingly directed at the Asia-Pacific region. Read More »

Sinkex-2 U.S. government vows to defend environment—except when military is around

Why no one should be surprised over environmental exemptions granted to the navy during RIMPAC and beyond. Read More »

B-1 bombers on diego garcia Blue-washing the colonization and militarization of Our Ocean

How U.S. Marine National Monuments protect environmentally harmful U.S. military bases throughout the Pacific and the world. Read More »

Sm-3 PMRF: Kaua‘i’s biggest bang is out of sight

A look at the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kaua‘i and what the increasing military presence in the Pacific means for Hawai‘i and the world. Read More »

Us navy 110821-n-az907-015 the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan (cvn 76) enters apra harbor for a scheduled port visit Looking at the ‘tip of the spear’

How U.S. Military policy in Guam, a proposed “mega build-up” and population displacement are destroying the island and its people. Read More »


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