Pesticide concerns


Throughout the state, communities are raising concerns over pesticide use in agriculture and biotech operations.

Billl 2491
Bill 2491 is a bill moving in the Kauai County Council which would impose a moratorium on the experimental use and commercial production of genetically-modified organisms until an environmental impact study is completed. The legislation would also create new permitting requirements and procedures for growing such crops after the study is complete, including rules on the use of chemicals.

1412764 10201942332774926 1829797952 o  large EPA complaint leveled against Syngenta for Kauai practices
  • News Report

Alleged farmworker safety violations in Syngenta's Kauai test fields have brought about a formal complaint from the Environmental Protection Agency just as councilmembers there prepare to discuss a repeal of the county buffer zones and pesticide disclosure ordinance. Read More »

Web banner img 8380  large UHM faculty condemn academic freedom violations
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The university's College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources has restricted and violated one of it's own professor's academic freedom, and a group of his professional colleagues are speaking out against his mistreatment. Read More »

Web banner img 8380 The silencing of Hector Valenzuela
  • Feature

As the University of Hawai‘i was cozying up to GMO giant Monsanto, one of the school’s professors says that he was forced to tolerate a climate of “bigotry, retaliation and hostility” for speaking out about the potential risks of genetic engineering. The university disputes his charges. Read More »

1500 img 1898 The toxic truth
  • Discussion

We trust our government to keep us safe through the regulation of companies like Monsanto and of products like Roundup; but should we? Read More »

1412764 10201942332774926 1829797952 o From Sugar to Monsanto
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Today’s occupation of Hawaii by the Agrochemical Oligopoly Read More »

Unnamed Kauai delegation delivers strong message to Syngenta, Swiss lawmakers
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A group of Kauai residents has been in Switzerland educating the Swiss public and shareholders of Swiss company Syngenta about the company's use of pesticides in Hawaii and its lawsuit against Kauai County, much to the chagrin of the company itself. Read More »

1412764 10201942332774926 1829797952 o Kauai delegation heads to Syngenta’s home country
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The delegation seeks to gain support for pesticide regulation here in Hawaii from leaders in Switzerland, where GMO cultivation and the use of many restricted use pesticides is already banned. Read More »

Kauai 1  large  large Are there “safe levels” of pesticide exposure?
  • Discussion

The State Department of Agriculture released a report finding pesticide levels near Waimea Canyon Middle School to be safe, but pesticide-regulation advocates aren't buying it. Read More »

East molokai Pro-GMO farmer to lead anti-GMO district
  • News Report

Lynn DeCroite, a Molokai farmer with ties to Monsanto, was sworn-in today to the state House to represent District 13, which voted in favor of the Maui GMO moratorium. Read More »

O-corn-hawaii-facebook Opposing views on Maui’s GMO moratorium

Leaders from the two sides of the GMO debate share their thoughts after Maui County voters passed a moratorium on further GMO production yesterday. Read More »

O-corn-hawaii-facebook Bio-tech on the ballot

Today, voters in both Maui County and Kauaʻi County face decisions that will impact the bio-tech industry and the chemical companies that dominate it. Read More »

Wireap 26720e5bcd454c2f8de6a489c97466b2 16x9 992 Chemical companies spend record amount of money to defeat Maui ballot initiative →

Monsanto, Dow, the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association and a D.C.-based bio-tech non-profit organization have raised almost 100 times more money to defeat Maui County's GMO moratorium initiative than its proponents have spent to see it passed. More at Environmental Leader »

Kauai 1 The ghost in the GMO machine

While independent research shows that Chlorpyrifos, a Dow Chemical insecticide used in Kaua‘i's GMO fields, can cause significant harm to children nearby, Dow is intent on convincing the EPA otherwise. Read More »

Gmo Kaua‘i pesticide disclosure fight continues

Kaua‘i community groups appeal lower court decision striking down County Ordinance 960, the pesticide disclosure law. Read More »

Kauai 1  large  large Garden Isle greenbacks

A look at the money being spent in Kauaʻi County’s legal battle to preserve Ordinance 960. Read More »

Img 1963 Bought and paid for?

Monsanto, GMOs and the importance of independent research at the University of Hawaiʻi. Read More »

Kauai 1  large Judge rules Kauaʻi pesticide law is pre-empted by state law

Kauaʻi residents and community leaders respond to a federal court ruling in the lawsuit brought by chemical companies against Kauaʻi's Ordinance 960: “This battle is far from over.” Read More »

Kauai 2 The contamination of natural Kaua‘i

The rare plants and wildlife of Kaua‘i are put at risk by the toxic chemicals used on the island’s GMO test fields. Read More »

Kauai 1 The Kauaʻi Cocktail

Highly toxic pesticides are being applied to GMO test fields on Kauaʻi at a much higher rate than on most U.S. farms, an analysis of new data reveals. Read More »

Rincon streamsampling small Report shows threat from pesticides is greatest on Oahu, not Kauai

Sampling by the DOH reveals Oahu's urban streams have the highest number of pesticides, but that most pesticide levels are still below EPA benchmarks. Read More »

Pesticide gear Kauai’s GMO bill progresses toward enactment

In preparation for Ordinance 960's August effective date, Kauai county officials are posting draft rules for public comment. Read More »

Mason-chock Mason Chock picked for Kauai county council →

Mason Chock will fill the seat vacated by Nadine Nakamura. Chock is expected to vote in favor of overriding the Mayor's veto of Bill 2491. More at Kauai Eclectic »

Carvalho vetoes Kauai County pesticide bill

Citing legal concerns, Kauai's mayor has vetoed the County's proposed pesticide bill. Read More »

2043564589 9796f833d8 b Budget cuts left Kauai with one pesticide inspector →

The state Department of Agriculture has only one employee assigned to review pesticide inspection reports and follow up on possible violations. More at Civil Beat »

5855414878 c2c332145f b Kauai residents say “no thanks” to Abercrombie pesticide initiative →
9715280074 97d48198b8 b Pesticides: What about the Big Island? →

Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s announcement Monday that he and the Kauai legislative delegation had negotiated some temporary, volunteer rules regarding pesticide use on that island has some Hawaii Island legislators wondering if similar moves are coming for the county’s genetically modified organism debate. More at West Hawaii Today » Read More »

8544728244 d62c7aa62c h Abercrombie enters GMO, pesticides debate
9708306466 e5856142ed h State develops new pesticide regulations for Kauaʻi; compliance voluntary, for now

Until Kauaʻi council's Bill 2491 is passed or state legislation is passed, Governor Abercrombie has called on farmers and seed companies on the Garden Isle to voluntarily comply with new pesticide regulations developed by the state. Read More »

6511456 orig Kauai’s bill 2491 goes to committee →


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