Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will be the largest free trade agreement in U.S. history.

Tapestries orange rouge  large  large An open letter to President Obama and the members of the IUCN Congress
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Tapestries orange rouge  large  large Anti-TPP protest planned for president’s IUCN appearance reflects party differences
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The protest, planned by Sanders delegates--many of whom are Democratic Party newcomers--will take place tomorrow outside the East-West Center Read More »

Us navy 030225-n-0000x-002 an aerial view of apra harbor on u.s. naval base guam is seen during a fly-by, feb. 25, 2003 The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Pivot and Pathway
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The TPP and its corresponding and supporting military "pivot" have been impacting the lives of Pacific peoples for years through military-industrial buildups, the removal of indigenous self-determination, environmental degradation and wealth extraction. Read More »

Senkaku islands dispute by al jazeera english (8) TPP could draw U.S. into Asia territorial disputes
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The trade deal comes with strengthened military ties between the U.S. and East-Asian nations, some of which are already involved in regional territorial disputes with China. Read More »

Brunei city mosque - panoramio The TPP and Brunei’s regressive human rights policies
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The massive trade deal could impact the United States' ability to legitimately condemn human rights abuses in the Asia-Pacific region. Read More »

Stoptpp6 TPP protesters stand for self-determination, democracy, the environment
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Several hundred gathered at Kaanapali beach yesterday for a demonstration against the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal being negotiated in secret on Maui this week. Read More »

Webmaui, hawaii beach Stand against the TPP and the corporate takeover of the Pacific
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The secret trade negotiations being conducted on Maui will threaten the self-determination of millions and the longevity of our environment—unless we make our opposition heard. Read More »

Stop tppa rally. (15550752528) TPP talks come to Hawaii
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TPP negotiators will be on Maui at the end of the month, hoping to bring the deal to a conclusion: What history will be made? Read More »

Leaders of tpp member states TPP fast-track legislation passes, but the fight is not over
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Wl-tpp-cartoon Fast track advances slowly, returns to Senate
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A bill that would authorize the White House to "fast track" the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, but which does not include protections for displaced American workers, narrowly passed the House today and will cross-over to the Senate where it will face an uphill battle. Read More »

Brian schatz, official portrait, 113th congress 2 Schatz opposes TPP fast-track authority
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The Hawaii Senator gave a speech in Washington D.C. today in opposition to legislation that would authorize fast-track authority over the trade agreement for the president. Read More »

1412764 10201942332774926 1829797952 o From Sugar to Monsanto
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Today’s occupation of Hawaii by the Agrochemical Oligopoly Read More »

Barack obama at white house gun violence meeting Obama does not represent Hawaii
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When it comes to the Obama Presidential Library, we're better off without it. Read More »

Kaohsiung Hawaii Leg wants Taiwan in the TPP

As of yesterday, both houses of the Legislature have passed resolutions urging President Obama to support Taiwan's entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Read More »

Photo-2-8 TPP ‘fast track’ is no good →

US Senators Baucus and Camp have introduced legislation which could speed the Trans-Pacific Partnership through Congress. Here's why it's a bad idea. More at The Nation »

Apec transpacificpartnership An open letter to President Obama regarding TPP
Tpp-protest-malaysia- What’s in the leaked TPP chapter?
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Indigenous peoples, intellectual property, and the secret negotiations over TPP Read More »

Wikileaks publishes TPP chapter

The released chapter of the secret trade deal includes agreements on patents, copyright, trademarks and industrial design. Read More »

8247637207 5528c4fbd4 k Gabbard speaks out against fast-tracking of Trans-Pacific Partnership
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The Obama administration is negotiating the largest U.S. free-trade agreement in secret and on a fast track Read More »

The APEC hook: Hawaii bites (Part 3)
Fishing in rough waters off of Maui in 2006. Photo by Michael Sandoval
The APEC hook: Small fish in a big ocean (Part 2)
Above: A circa 1997 photo released by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution shows the robotic arm of a three-person submersible aquatic vehicle reaching toward a hydrothermal vent in the east Pacific Ocean far off the coast of Chile. Photo by Pat Hickey -- Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Below: Ocean side of Funafuti atoll showing the storm dunes, the highest point on the atoll. Funafuti is an atoll that forms the capital of the island nation of Tuvalu. Photo by David Jones
The APEC hook: When the shark guards the tuna (Part 1)
Above: A great white shark herds small blue fin tuna in the Pacific Ocean. Photo by Niall Kennedy Below: Former U.S. President George W. Bush pauses during a trilateral APEC meeting in 2006 with then-Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and then-President Roh Moo-Hyun of the Republic of Korea. White House photo by Eric Draper


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