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EDU committee defends, confirms Don Horner
Concerns raised by the LGBT community and its supporters over Horner's ability to keep his faith out of his job backfire. Read More »

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LGBT, Church groups mobilize around Horner nomination
The BOE chairman's Senate re-appointment confirmation hearing could become a flash point for the first skirmish of the new year between the groups that fought over same-sex marriage in October. Read More »
Selling rail
Yes, half of the audience at this public meeting were HART employees. Read More »
Campaigners hold fast for immigration reform Wooley’s gut-and-replace gambit
In an attempt to get a GMO-labeling bill heard this session, Rep. Wooley turned to a legislative strategy that most would agree is, usually, a less-than-savory tactic. Read More »
Instructional what?
Defining instructional hours to allow for greater flexibility is the one thing everyone agrees HB1675 needs in order to be effective. Read More »

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The short end of the stick
House Labor Chair Nakashima's compromise on the minimum wage increase bill favors small business owners over their employees. Read More »

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A school for Kaka‘ako
HCDA redevelopment plan must include considerations like schools and other healthy neighborhood features. Read More »

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Announcing Summit Magazine
The new premium quarterly will present an updated take on Hawaii, with a focus on presenting Hawaii's best to the world. Purchase your pre-sale subscription here! Read More »
Help for Hawaiʻi island’s bug battle
With assaults from two highly pervasive pests destroying iconic big island crops, the Legislature is working on bills that would send funding to reinforce Hawaiʻi's farmers. Read More »
Aikea rallies against condo conversion
The job preservation movement, organized by Unite Here Local 5, rallied at Honolulu Hale today in support of City Bill 16. Read More »

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Legislation for Hawaiʻi’s keiki
Yesterday, the House and Senate Committees on Education (EDN, EDU) met to discuss education bills that have crossed over from each chamber. Read More »

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Homeless Bill of Rights falls short for houseless
HB1889, known as the Homeless Bill of Rights, is widely supported, but not by some of the very people whom it would supposedly protect. Read More »
Long-time lobbyist goes legit
The tale of how media inquiries brought a prominent land development lobbyist to register with the ethics commission Read More »
Syngenta employee to run for Kauaʻi council seat
Agrees with employer that pesticide and GE crop disclosure should be regulated at the state, not county level. Read More »
Preschool/kindergarten announced for Kakaako

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Kaua‘i GMO legal bout enters round two
National non-profits the Center for Food Safety and Earthjustice enter the ring on behalf of Kaua‘i County and its under-siege law. Read More »
OHA concerned over rent, not telescope
In its official statement regarding the TMT lease proposal, OHA lists concerns over the rent-terms of the lease and about forgone revenues, but says nothing about opposing the project itself. Read More »
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Simplifying our reading experience
We pushed through a revision to the Independent this weekend with the goal of simplifying and clarifying our reading experience. Read More »
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Poll shows Ige, Abercrombie tied →
Civil Beat poll results provide Sen. Ige an opportunity for renewed fundraising. Read More »

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Belatti on Medi-Marijuana dispensaries
After an informational briefing highlighted the medicinal values and outlined the path and roadblocks to implementation of marijuana dispensaries, Rep. Della Au Belatti calls for "steady, measured and reasonable dialogue" on the subject. Read More »

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UH Regents vote for Mauna Kea sublease despite lawsuit, demonstrations
Amid an ongoing lawsuit and student-led demonstrations, the UH Board of Regents met today and voted for a planned sublease that would allow the Thirty Meter Telescope project to proceed. Read More »

Thirty-Meter Telescope »

The Hawaii State Ethics Commission: A Guide
What you need to know about the state regulatory entity responsible for addressing ethical issues involving legislators, registered lobbyists, and state employees. Read More »
State takes a step toward Hawaiian education Opinion HCDA’s Tony Ching answers questions
On discussion: mezzanines, a school facility, and affordability Read More »

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What do you think about a $10 fee for trash pickup on Oahu?
Take our short quiz. Read More »

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“County preemption” measure dies in committee
Large crowd shows up on short notice Read More »

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Remembering the Glades A rally for the rest of us
Thursday's “People Not Profits” rally brought together grassroots organizations lobbying on a variety of issues, all unified by the message that our government should serve the people, not corporations and developers. Read More »
Public Utilities Commission convenes hearings on undersea cable
Voices in opposition are outweighing the supporters Read More »
How will Waikiki adapt to climate change?
A Waikiki without beaches will be a very different place Read More »
Our Superbowl Special →
Read my lips: no intercepted passes

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Hawaii’s gun laws are fairly strict
We're one of only 18 states that require a national background check Read More »
Understanding Hawaii’s early-education initiative
Investing in our keiki through effective early-ed programs will save the state money in the long run, if the governor's proposal finds support in the legislature. The question is the overall quality of the program. Read More »
Make your own 3D chocolate printer – out of Legos →
You may have heard that Hershey is making a chocolate 3D printer. Here's something even better.

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Understanding prison reform
While the governor's call to bring home more Hawaii convicts from the mainland is a positive step, it does little to fix the root problems with Hawaii's prison system. Read More »

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NFL commentary by a British announcer →
Your editor doesn't know football either, but we've been informed that this is funny.

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Ku‘i at the capitol
Today was opening day at the Hawaii State Legislature. Hundreds came to the Hawaii State Capitol to pound kalo into pa‘i ‘ai and poi. Read More »
Open fire and open markets
Thomas Friedman once said the hidden hand of the market needs the hidden fist of the military. The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Obama administration's Pacific Pivot pack both. Read More »
Anderson defers Bill 6
Another "sidewalk bill" dies as the city struggles to find a solution to houselessness Read More »
Lawsuit also takes aim at how Council vacancy was filled Lobby up for 2014
Two scoops rice, mac salad and one legislature, please. Read More »
TPP ‘fast track’ is no good →
US Senators Baucus and Camp have introduced legislation which could speed the Trans-Pacific Partnership through Congress. Here's why it's a bad idea.

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The Nation »
How rich is Hawaii’s Congressional delegation? →
Compared to the rest of Congress, Hawaii's reps are middling, at best, in their personal wealth.
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The Case of the Ugly Truth
In a close-knit community, how does a journalist report on fact and still keep his friends? Read More »
What is poi?
A 1909 article responding to a dictionary's dry description of "the paste or pudding." Read More »
Of strange folks and folk songs
Walk, fight, fall, repeat. Read More »
Exploring the arts
We corresponded with Heather Williams of the Art Explorium in Kaimuki as part of our collection on the Makers Movement. Read More »

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A space to make our own
A Kaka‘ako haven for creatives leads off our series on the new spirit of island industry. Read More »

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The second chapter of HI/039. Read More »

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How will rail change Kalihi?
Jackie M. Young documents uncertainty and concern along Dillingham Blvd. Read More »
Office of Planning seeks input on Koreatown draft report →
Input is sought by December 13. Read More »

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Koreatown Draft Report »
The December Magazine issue is available for download
The latest edition of our home for long-form journalism, dispatches, and literature. Available for iOS on the App Store. Read More »
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Are ads on city buses a good idea?

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Art, advocacy and activism at the Honolulu Human Rights Film Festival
It's been a good past few weeks for human rights advocates. Celebrate with a few films this weekend. Read More »
Save the Date: Ideas Summit II, January 18 at the Sullivan Center
Join us for our second annual gathering of thought leaders. Read More »
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Foster parents file class-action lawsuit against the State of Hawaii
A federal class-action lawsuit challenges the state’s alleged failure to cover the real costs of caring for Hawaii’s most disadvantaged children Read More »
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Married and equal
Hawaii married its first same-sex couples early Monday morning. Read More »
We’re on holiday hours Masthead » A Black Friday death count →
As of this writing, there's been four death and 75 injuries. Happy shopping, everyone.
Highlighter » Black Friday Death Count »
How to find Waldo →
Impress your friends this weekend.

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The Zapruder film in HD panorama Highlighter » What’s in the leaked TPP chapter?
Indigenous peoples, intellectual property, and the secret negotiations over TPP Read More »

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How Rep. Brower voted on housing, the houseless
With Rep. Brower agreeing to put down his sledge hammer and hang up his cape, we decided to take a look at his 2013 voting record on bills relating to housing and the houseless. Read More »

Houselessness » Economic inequality »

Hammer Head Gallery » Brower backs off from breaking things Highlighter » Firefighters win new collective bargaining agreement →
The Hawaii Fire Fighters Association union has received a tentative deal on a new collective bargaining agreement. According to HFFA President Bobby Lee, a draft arbitration award is now making the rounds throughout the islands.
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Sweden: prisoner shortage leads to prison closings → Highlighter » Gizmodo » Ground Control to Major Tom – Is it Hammer Time?
Tom Brower has a vigilante – some would say violent – solution to houselessness. Read More »

Houselessness »

Whither the Law of the Splintered Paddle?
Between Stanley Chang and Tom Brower, we need a better approach to houselessness. Read More »

Houselessness » Bill 59 »

Mason Chock picked for Kauai county council →
Mason Chock will fill the seat vacated by Nadine Nakamura. Chock is expected to vote in favor of overriding the Mayor's veto of Bill 2491.
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Thursday’s top stories
Gay marriage now Hawaii law but faces court challenge today, newborn monk seal closes park, Kauai council mulls GMO veto override today, state stumbles into Obamacare, residents search for loved ones, offer aid in wake of Philippine disaster, no GMO conflict of interest for Big Island councilwoman, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands Read More »
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Wednesday’s top stories
Abercrombie to sign gay marriage bill 10 a.m. today, reactions from Legislature, media, interest groups, and more news from all the Hawaiian Islands Read More »
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Wikileaks publishes TPP chapter
The released chapter of the secret trade deal includes agreements on patents, copyright, trademarks and industrial design. Read More »
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At night Oʻahu viewed from the air looked like a butchered cybernetic monster. Read More »

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Tuesday’s top stories
U.S. and China military train in Hawaii, state responds to Philippine disaster, same-sex marriage bill heads to Senate, Tulsi Gabbard getting lots of Mainland support, HECO mum on power plans, vets recognized, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands Read More »
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Philippines climate change commissioner on Haiyan
"To anyone who continues to deny the reality that is climate change, I dare them to get off their ivory towers and away from the comfort of their armchairs." Read More »

Climate change »

Friday’s top stories
Tune in today to Hawaii House debate on gay marriage, rules split Capitol in half as security tightened, Senate expected to go along with House version, judge says gay marriage lawsuit premature, Honolulu school suspends cheerleading because of cyber-bullying, Kauai sets Thursday GMO override session Read More »
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Help to identify editorial priorities for Q1 2014
We'd like your input on stories we should focus on in 2014. Read More »
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Thursday’s top stories
Drama in Hawaii as House advances gay marriage bill, Senate President Kim running for Congress, security tightened for Kauai GMO hearing, first above-average test score for Hawaii students, likely tsunami debris washes up on Windward Oahu, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands Read More »
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House passes marriage bill on second reading
The House will vote again on Friday. Read More »

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Realistically colorized historical photos make the past seem incredibly real →
No, history isn't just black and white.

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