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Photo courtesy Shirley Lam

Clone the Clones of the Queen

I’d like to give a shout-out to alternative music talents Clones of the Queen.

The electro dream pop-and-drone band made up of Ara Feducia, Paul Bajcar and Matthew McVickar recently played a farewell gig at the Manifest in Chinatown, as McVickar and his significant other have since moved to Portland.

The various local music scenes in Hawaii are always fluid. Groups come and go, but it was somewhat sad to see the trio play their last gig together — that is, until the reunion when McVickar comes back to visit (I hope). It was great to watch them develop into confident performers and musicians, so much so that it was Robert Smith himself who chose the band to open for The Cure’s long-awaited Hawaii debut at the Blaisdell Arena in late July.

Plus the Clones are good people and shared a genuine chemistry and friendship when playing together.

You can hear the band’s latest EP, “Moonlight,” as well as its earlier work, at clonesofthequeen.com.