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Mccarthys ghost web McCarthy’s ghost
  • Opinion

Civil rights boycotts are a form of protected First Amendment expression because they are, too often, the last peaceful means available to an oppressed people and their supporters in calling for justice. Read More »

2011-ht-carbone Former Cancer Center director failed to disclose major financial conflicts of interest
  • News Report

Dr. Michele Carbone violated federal regulations when he failed to disclose both his additional annual income from expert testimony in asbestos litigation and the $4.3 million gift he received from a company involved in ongoing asbestos litigation that he is using in his mesothelioma research. Read More »

Hawaiianflags Aha may fail to give Hawaiians true self-determination
  • Feature

As OHA and Na‘i Aupuni push forward toward the election of delegates to a Hawaiian government convention, the U.S. government is paving the way for Hawaiians to become federally recognized as a tribe. Read More »

Waikiki beach sunset Supreme Court rejects Kyo-ya’s bid to build new Waikiki hotel
  • News Report

Hawaii’s highest court has overturned a city variance granted to Kyo-ya Hotels that would have allowed them to construct a new building along Waikiki Beach outside the developmental restrictions enacted for the Waikiki Special District. Read More »

Kapolei from the air by logan sakai  large  large  large Land is power in Honolulu Hale
  • Analysis

All nine Honolulu council members and the mayor owe their positions, in large part, to donors with strong ties to Hawaii’s powerful land development interests. Read More »

Pohakuloa training area hawaii jan. 20  large BLNR to discuss Pohakuloa lawsuit on Friday
  • News Report

The Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, which represents the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, will offer testimony at Friday's board meeting. So can you. Read More »

Stoptpp6 TPP protesters stand for self-determination, democracy, the environment
  • News Report

Several hundred gathered at Kaanapali beach yesterday for a demonstration against the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal being negotiated in secret on Maui this week. Read More »

Webbernie sanders by gage skidmore Sanders campaign kicks off with 24 gatherings across Hawaii
  • News Report

Supporters of progressive Democratic contender for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders, are holding 3,520 kick-off parties across the U.S. today, with 103,249 confirmed so far. Read More »

Web banner img 8380  large UHM faculty condemn academic freedom violations
  • Verbatim

The university's College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources has restricted and violated one of it's own professor's academic freedom, and a group of his professional colleagues are speaking out against his mistreatment. Read More »

All david ige ching confirmation web What killed Hawaii’s sex trafficking bill?
  • Discussion

A step in the right direction toward combating sex trafficking in Hawaii has been torpedoed by some of the very people trying to end the exploitive practice; the evidence points to internal political squabbling as the reason. Read More »