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All david ige ching confirmation web  large Saving David Ige
  • Analysis

What bold, progressive move should the governor make to secure the progressive vote on August 11? Members of that community weigh in. Read More »

26240469 1081001175375681 5896837572242882669 o Nuclear Wake Up Call
  • Essay

Flawed interface design can be easily fixed: The real missile mistake is militarism. Read More »

2du kenya 86 (5367322642) Why we should oppose agribusiness mergers like Monsanto-Bayer
  • Discussion

Such mergers raise serious antitrust concerns and threaten the democratization of food supplies and global self-determination. Read More »

Senate rumble The Rail tax special session: what happened to our representative democracy?
  • Opinion

How the rumble over Rail has fractured relationships between legislators, between O‘ahu and neighbor island constituents, and dangerously eroded trust in our representative democracy. Read More »

Eauq2921 edit A dreamer’s reality
  • Feature

The story of one of Hawaiʻi’s 315 DACA recipients and his family’s struggle to thrive in America Read More »

20130522 095753 Israel lobby’s targeting of BDS would have a chilling effect on political dissent
  • Analysis

Far from being about protecting Jewish people from discrimination, proposed legislation that would outlaw the boycott of Israeli-made products and practices over political beliefs is, in fact, a danger to First Amendment rights. Read More »

Tapestries orange rouge  large  large 10 questions for the new police chief
  • Verbatim

ACLU Hawaii to Police Commission: "The appointment of a new chief of police marks a turning point in the City and County of Honolulu as it is a unique opportunity for the leadership of the Honolulu police to regain the trust of the people they serve." Read More »

52626 Jailed state
  • Analysis

Three practical reasons to reduce Hawaiʻi's incarcerated population through investment in community-based restorative justice programs rather than through construction of a new, $1.3 billion prison. Read More »

Dom-quixote Rep. Quixote and the vanishing turd
  • Opinion

Gene Ward's nonsensical urine bill still won't do anything to remedy our state's houselessness epidemic, no matter how much he believes in it. Read More »

Webimg 3110 Campus speech in the age of Trump
  • Discussion

The importance of free speech and activism on university campuses Read More »