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52626 Jailed state
  • Analysis

Three practical reasons to reduce Hawaiʻi's incarcerated population through investment in community-based restorative justice programs rather than through construction of a new, $1.3 billion prison. Read More »

Dom-quixote Rep. Quixote and the vanishing turd
  • Opinion

Gene Ward's nonsensical urine bill still won't do anything to remedy our state's houselessness epidemic, no matter how much he believes in it. Read More »

Webimg 3110 Campus speech in the age of Trump
  • Discussion

The importance of free speech and activism on university campuses Read More »

Honolulu-homeless  large Rep. Ward’s new urine bill is crap
  • Opinion

When will our lawmakers realize that bills criminalizing the houseless won't fix the problem? Read More »

Img 1594 Voting for a change
  • Discussion

Why Dave Mulinix broke state law to cast his electoral vote for Bernie Sanders Read More »

1412764 10201942332774926 1829797952 o  large EPA complaint leveled against Syngenta for Kauai practices
  • News Report

Alleged farmworker safety violations in Syngenta's Kauai test fields have brought about a formal complaint from the Environmental Protection Agency just as councilmembers there prepare to discuss a repeal of the county buffer zones and pesticide disclosure ordinance. Read More »

Bannerimg 7147 A public trust – for private benefit?
  • Opinion

The Land Board’s acquiescence to corporate control of Hawaiʻi's resources represents the state’s continuing failure to uphold its fiduciary duties. Read More »

Webtulsi-gabbard-luncheon-jan-2013 Gabbard’s supposed progressive alignment questioned by Hawaii lawmaker
  • Analysis

The Congresswoman did not sign a letter from the majority of House Dems condemning Trump's Bannon appointment; today she met with him at Trump Tower in New York City Read More »

Iss021-e-15710 pearl harbor, hawaii Red Hill has “high potential for catastrophic environmental loss”
  • Analysis

The Board of Water Supply wants the Navy and its regulators to engage in a much more rigorous review of the grim situation and its possible solutions. Read More »

Tapestries orange rouge  large Bob McDermott needs to shut up about sex ed
  • Discussion

The socially conservative state rep. is doing his constituents, and all the children in Hawai‘i's public school system, a disservice with his continuing crusade against the BOE's new comprehensive sexual education policy Read More »