Manjari Fergusson

4637996 g Black and white stripes are the new orange

Halawa Correctional Facility reverts to 19th century uniform practices. Read More »

Keehi lagoon molassas spill-e.miles1 Honolulu Harbor molasses spill: one year later

In the months since the spill, no lawsuit or fines have been levied against Matson and there is no word on when the company will be held accountable. Read More »

Kauai 1  large  large Garden Isle greenbacks

A look at the money being spent in Kauaʻi County’s legal battle to preserve Ordinance 960. Read More »

Rimpac2014 Whales beware

Naval exercises like RIMPAC cause clear harm and distress to marine life including dolphins, fish and especially whales. Read More »

Army.mil-29563-2009-02-06-130253 Is Hawaiʻi’s military presence pricing local residents out of the housing market?

Housing demand is exceeding the supply more than ever, and high housing allowances may give military an edge. Read More »

Sit in-2-2 Students, faculty, community stage sit-in at Bachman Hall

Hoping to force UH System President David Lassner to reverse his decision to fire Manoa Chancellor Tom Apple, students, faculty and community members staged a sit-in outside the president’s office yesterday. Read More »

Hawaiitaro A new day in agriculture?

Analyzing the success of the governor's A New Day in Hawaii plan promise to increase Hawaii’s food security and the size of its farming community. Read More »

Aulani-excursion-kids-learns-about-nature A new day in public education?

Analyzing the success of the governor's A New Day in Hawaii plan promise to decentralize Hawaii's public school system. Read More »

Glassimagenew Glass in the trash

A lack of funding for recycling non-Hi5 glass has forced businesses to begin throwing their wine and spirit bottles out with the trash. Read More »

Dsc 0765 Elderts ohana, supporters march for justice

“We miss him everyday, he’s talked about everyday, he’s remembered everyday. We’re still lost, empty, not the same as we once were when he was around.” Read More »