8 incredible work ethics

The value that you put in your work determines how much successful you are going to be in your life. Your talent and your fate are all dependent on the amount of work you do and from which attitude you do it. Incredible work ethics are the only thing which you would find in the personality of every successful person. It doesn’t matter what the individual do, from the desk job to the wrestling in the shorts; their work ethics made them what they are today. To give tribute to such people and to take some inspiration from their lives, I am writing this post in which I will discuss the eight incredible work ethics of 8 different successful people.

1.  Apple CEO Tim Cook:
Apple needed a guy who can run the business with the same intent that showed by the Steve Jobs and they appointed Tim Cook for that. The selection of Tim Cook was on the cards because of his extremely incredible work ethics. He is a workaholic and that kind of a guy who does even call his employees at 4 a.m. Many of his employs claim that he is the first to come and last to go kind of a guy in the office and often schedule meetings on Sunday to plan out the whole week of work.

2.  General Motor’s Mary Barra:
Mary Barra was only 18 when she joined General Motors by enrolling in engineering college on scholarship. Her attitude of giving everything to the company that she has and the smart decision making are the reason she is at the top of General Motors. It took 33 years in General Motors for her to move from the intern to CEO. These 33 years are full of inspiring stories which we would discuss in details some other time.

3.  Amazon’s Jeff Bezos:
Analyzing Jeff’s life would make you feel that this person was born to be great. He has the habit of relentless work ethic. One of his former classmates told a magazine that once he decided to be a valedictorian and no other student even applied on his opposite because everyone knew they couldn’t beat him. In his early days at Amazon, Jeff used to work 12 hours a day and even on the Sundays. Even now he is the CEO of Amazon; he still sends emails on the customer service issues.

4.  Nisan and Renault’s Carlos Ghosn:
Carlos Ghosn is the CEO of world’s top two automobile manufacturing companies which is enough to tell you about his work ethics. Ghosn works more than 60 hours a week and spends 45 hours of every month in the air. He is the guy who flies more than 150,000 miles a year just to keep his business running in every part of the world. He also used to provide essay help. He became the CEO in very tough times of Nissan and Renault, but his policies and leadership skills make these two companies best in the business.

5.  The William Sisters:
Serena William and Venus William are the two biggest name on the tennis circuit. Both of these sisters have 28 grand slam championships between them, and more are yet to come. Both of them are true princess of tennis court whether it is clay, synthetic or grass. From very young age, both of these sisters worked hard to become what they are now. They used to get up at six o clock every morning and do practice. Then they go to school and do practice again after coming back from it. Their third sister Isha describes them the crazy workaholic girls who don’t sit for a minute.

6.  Dallas Maverick’s Mark Cuban:
People summarize the life of Mark Cuban as the guy of golden luck. Mark sold his first company at his peak and entered into technology industry exactly at the time when the stock goes rocket high. But the intellectuals believe that this is not the luck but the right decision at the right time. The ability to take such decisions comes from his relentless work. His colleagues say that he didn’t take a vacation for seven straight years while starting his business. This billionaire still stayed up after midnight and read about the new developments in his field.

7.  Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg:
Sheryl is one of the most influencing women in the business. Being a COO of world’s biggest enterprise, Sheryl Sandberg is famous for leaving office at 5:30 to have dinner with her kids and then get back online after their kid’s bed time. She is the women who start working at 7:00 a.m. She also complains that the work has made her a very bad mother.

8.  WWE’s Vince McMahon:
Maybe one of the most person from the list due to his world wrestling entertainment. Vince whole life is dedicated to his company and that is why WWE is one of the most popular entertainment sport in the world. His former creative partner used to say that no matter what, he cannot come to the office before Vince and can go after him. Mark Henry the famous WWE wrestler also says that Vince’s life has only one purpose and it is to explore new heights of success for WWE. His dedication can be observed through his body. At the age of 70, he is still fitter and in shape than the boy’s age of 25.

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