An Idea To Help the Homeless

(This is an unacknowledged Letter to the Editor sent to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser)

On Friday March 24th, 2017, I skimmed your editorial piece, “A Better Shelter Awaits Diamond Head Dwellers,” about a sweep of “40 or so homeless encampments.” Then, to its right, I saw a short letter, “Help homeless attend Career Expo.” in which Wim Blees suggests that showers be provided for homeless people, and clothing be provided by the Salvation Army, and the use of computers and printers as well, so that the homeless can be included among the job applicants. I appreciated this idea and I have another, on the same theme.

My idea is celebrity involvement in the homeless issue in Hawaii. Isn’t it a pity how homeless families, some with elementary school age children, and pre-school age children, and infants, live in tents in beach parks, or in parked vehicles, or elsewhere on our island paradise? Then think of how you sometimes see photos of celebrities enjoying the natural beauty of Hawaii, cavorting in the ocean, lounging on the beach, playing in the sand, smiling.

In a recent issue of a celebrity magazine I saw a mini-article about Johnny Depp; it said he was spending $30,0000 per month on wine, and that he had spent 3 million dollars on a ceremony to have writer Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes shot out of a cannon. Instead of spending excessively on personal indulgences, why couldn’t celebrities “adopt” and sponsor homeless families in Hawaii and pay their rent and other bills until they got on their feet?

Miley Cyrus would be the ideal celebrity to kick-off a campaign of this sort. Not long ago i saw her Waikiki vacation photos in the same celebrity magazine that carried the Johnny Depp item. Family values aside, I find Miley Cyrus to be a positive, progressive person. and actually the voice and image of a generation. I really want Miley Cyrus to read this and put the idea into action. She has the wherewithal to make it a reality, and I bet she would appreciate the idea. Or, if not Miley, any other rich celebrity who cares about the well-being of homeless families could kick-off the campaign. So what about celebrities sponsoring homeless families in Hawaii?

—John Arnold

Tel: 8082787278

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