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District 6 Candidate Questionnaire

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1. What is your plan for the Natatorium? Natatorium needs to be restored. We should continue to show respect of those 10,000 individuals from Hawai’i who served and those who died in World War I.

2. How should the city address its problem with houselessness? And do you support the privatization of public housing? Please explain your position.
I have dedicated many years of my life to help those on the streets. I believe first we need to Repeal Bill 54, stop skimming the in-lieu fees from the Housing Development Special Fund to be used in the general fund, increase the in-lieu fees to match Hawai`i county set amount of $115,000. Do not increase the gap group spread. Then a full audit of the City and County, I believe in Promoting housing first, job training through the local unions and agricultural industry, job location, rehabilitation options. The city and county has wasted millions of dollars to keep individual on the street to steal from the houseless with the same funds designed to provide housing. Millions more is wasted trying to provide services while individuals are still on the street through health care. To privatize affordable housing will put at risk even more displaced individuals, putting them on the street. Privatizing affordable housing is not the result of loss of funds it’s a result of mismanagement and questionable activities of our elected officials. With 62% of the affordable housing in District 6, the community cannot afford or allow the displacement of even more in financially struggle. 3.2 million plus has been lost through the activities of the city council. It is time are representatives are held accountable.

3. What actions should the city take to respond to climate change?
The city can no longer drag their feet looking for a new location for landfills. Honolulu needs to be proactive about preserving the environment. More landfill’s brings safety concerns and food sustainability challenges. Reduce, reuse, and recycle! New innovative technologies in Gas-Phase thermal oxidation (Gasification) modifications to H-power, Agricultural recycling, Anaerobic decomposition, and better recycling techniques for traditional programs could have Oahu on a Zero Waste Program making landfills obsolete by 2020, or sooner. I also highly support labeling GMO foods and abolishing GMO crops. The use of Hawai`i as a testing ground has brought up food safety and environmental impact concerns. Stop polluting the lands. Preserve the fragile Eco-system on land and in the waters

4. Would you support the Honolulu City Council joining the neighbor island Councils in opposing the Public Land Development Corporation? Please explain your position.
Yes, The PLDC needs to be abolished. The PLDC has only been formed to cut through the red tape of public input and regulations. Government needs to stop allowing the strip-mining the culture and resources of Hawai`i for corporate greed. Public lands needs public input!

In an effort to promote transparency and accountability within all levels of government, I strongly support an open government. I am an advocate for technologies that will enhance public participation to promote more effective policies. I believe technologies currently available can provide a legal framework to promote opportunities for Honolulu’s growing, connected population. Through collaboration, bringing back an informed connection between the government and population, we will help ensure a sustainable island.

5. Do you support a new public process to evaluate the full range of rail alternatives? Please explain your position.
I support the rail, and the complete streets program, along with A full bus service. I also believe the rail needs to be expanded to UH and Wai`anae to promote a real public service. The rail will improve green house gasses and help with transportation concerns. The use of the current plan has cut itself short from what people thought it would do. Corporations should not decide what is best for Oahu. Addressing transportation in Honolulu means addressing the basics where roads are maintained, the sidewalks repaired, bike lanes implemented, and bus service expanded. Transportation needs to be done correctly with a complete package in mind for Community safety, economic growth, and sustainability. Supporting other form of transportation the increases Oil dependency and /or extracting and refining Synthetic Natural Gas, Is not only unhealthy for the Eco-system but also traumatic to the land and culture.

6. Oahu has a major sewer infrastructure problem. How would you address this?
The aged sewer systems have caused concerns for the citizens of Honolulu. The 2009 clean water act has placed the burden of millions of dollars in fines on the taxpayers. Raw sewage and storm water in excess of 52 million gallons has spilled into the fragile eco-system of the ocean while placing the citizens at risk. Safety for our citizens and eco-system needs to be an immediate priority. Following the EPA’s 10 program to fix the problem. Although pushing for it to be done sooner is needed. The responsibility to something should not of taken the EPA to intervene. It is the responsibility of the local government to address it and solve it as representatives of the city.

7. Do you support an emergency services merger? Please explain your position.
In absence of a plan and the complication of putting to much stress on our first responder employees, I believe this merger is not what is suited best for the community. EMS and the Fire Department may have over lapping jobs but in no way should we cripple or hinder either department’s ability to function in a controlled efficient manner. Seconds could mean saving a persons life.

8. Do you support changes to our property tax structure? Please explain your position.
I do not support a property tax change unless a complete restructure of the tax code is made. No tax should have the power to leave you houseless, cripple the nonprofits, or hurt the educational system. Government needs to be accountable for their spending. Honolulu needs to rebuild the middle-class while bringing up the lower class. Investing into AG lands, Renewable energy, and Educational programs will not only bring more jobs and tax revenue but also a stronger foundation for Honolulu’s economic future.

9. You are running in a crowded field. What makes you a better choice than your competitors?
My degree programs in Bachelor’s of science in business concentrating in Environmental Sustainability and Bachelor’s of science in Environmental Science with minors in Political Science and Oceanography brings an understanding of macroeconomics, politics, and the Eco-system. I also have served as an advisor for the Indiana environmental board from 2008-2011. I promote a true open government with hard knowledge of macroeconomics. Government needs to be more responsible with its spending and have concern for the public by allowing Public Input. My years of service as an officer and community activist shows I believe in Equal civil right and strive to promote a healthy environment and sustainable community. Investing into the AG lands, Renewable energy, and Educational programs will bring more jobs and provide affordable living on Oahu and allow a stronger foundation for Honolulu’s economic future.

Mahalo, for the chance to answer the questionnaire, for more information please refer to my website at www.VoteCSmith.com

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