Google Announced The Integration of Android Pay with Mobile Banking Apps

Google announces that now onwards, for mobile payments, its users do not need to use its official app, Android Pay. This technology giant has made possible to integrate this feature with mobile banking apps helpful for users to make payment just by a tap of a button.

At present, Google has partnered with a few banks only including Bank of America, Discover, Bank of New Zealand, USAA, and mBank. It is striving to facilitate more number of users’ benefits this technology by integrating more numbers of banks in the near future. It has added Android pay feature in their app. It allows users to add their debit and credit cards to Android Pay and can use the option whenever they require. With this latest built-in capability, it enables to persuade people to maximize use of Android Pay and make it reachable to everybody.

As the banking app is different for each bank, the integration also varies somewhat, but the key focus is simplifying to add cards to Android pay using the banking app itself. It attracts more users to utilize Android Pay once they found it in their bank apps. In order to battle its major rival Apple, this becomes a key focus for Google to stay ahead in competition.

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