Rail: A Better Alternative

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We all need to be more aware of what our tax money is funding! Oahu’s working class people aren’t getting our money back fairly. $5.3 billion of our tax money is going towards building the rail that will only benefit a 20 mile range in Honolulu. What about the rest of the Oahu residents that are being forced to pay for something they will never use? Tell me not, Hawaii residents love their cars. Most people would rather drive their car to their destination on their own watch than riding in a rail. What we SHOULD be doing which will benefit almost the entire population of Hawaii residents is creating an express high way. A high way on top of a high way. This express highway will have less exits than the original one for the people going long distances. The express way high way will start at one end to the other end and only have a few exits till the end such as an exit on University, Airport, and Aiea. Building this highway on top of a high way will create future jobs, it will reduce the legal merk of cutting down trees, taking away peoples properties, and destroying the Hawaiian homeland(sacred burials) that the rail is currently creating, and it will benefit ALL of Hawaii residents and their tax dollars.



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