Turtle Bay Resort Expansion - Two Hotels or Luxury Timeshares and Luxury Condominium property?

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from:  Choon James

to:  drew@replayresorts.com,

cc:  emartin@honolulu.gov,
date:  Sat, Jan 5, 2013 at 10:15 PM

Mr. Drew Stotesbury, CEO
Turtle Bay Resort, LLC ( Replay Resorts, Inc based in Canada)

Mr. Lee Sichter, LLC
SEIS Consultant for Turtle Bay Resort LLC/Replay Resorts

Director of Planning and Permitting
City County of Honolulu


Aloha Gentlemen,

We hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, Christmas and New year!

In Volume 4 of 4 SEIS report, Appendix H: Socio-Economic Impact Analysis reveals a fine print footnote on Page 9 that states:

“The Two hotels could be operated as a time share and a condominium property. The specifics of their operations will depend on market conditions.”

1. Should this very significant statement be in bold and in front page for the public and decision-making bodies to know and understand? There is a big difference between a hotel and a timeshare or condominium property. We, the public have been led to believe there is a need for more hotel rooms and jobs in this area.

2. Like all other developers of massive projects, Turtle Bay Resort aka Replay Resorts dangles the carrot stick of “jobs” for locals. Building a time share and a condominium property will reap investors tremendous and instant profits in sales, of which we do not begrudge your business acumen. But where would the new hotel and “continuing jobs” be without two real operational hotels?

3. Is this a reason why United Local 5 hotel workers are greatly apprehensive of your marketing schemes in this proposed expansion? You publicly market a proposal of two hotels, along with retail shopping, resort-residential and so forth and the many “jobs” it will provide. However, you simultaneously gave yourself a big loophole to make quicker capital gains through timeshares and condominium sales. This contradicts your assurances to the media and communities as it would cut out conventional hotel jobs.

4. Is the reason why you’re receiving strong push-back from your own hotel workers because -  you failed to promptly negotiate a fair and equitable contract with them for the past two years?

5. Do you believe in corporate conscience and corporate accountability to your workers and the communities your business is located in?

6. If your hotel workers, who intimately work for you, cannot depend on fair and equitable treatment with their employment issues, how could we, the public, trust your statements and assurances of wanting to build two more hotels and other amenities to benefit them and us?

7. Should this proposed “two hotels” be more aptly disclosed as luxury timeshares and luxury condominium property, like the million-dollar Ocean Villas onsite?

8. Is Replay Resort willing to agree as part of the Unilateral Agreement to build and maintain two conventional hotels and not manipulate the processes into luxury timeshares and luxury condominiums?

9. Will Replay Resorts be a continuing and long-term partner in these developments?

10. Or will Replay Resort promptly sell its entitled assets to other investment groups and move on to other ventures when the green-light is given by the City County Department of Planning and Permitting?

I look forward to your answers with clarity and substance.


Choon James
56-1081 Kamehameha Highway
Kahuku Hawaii 96731

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